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-or 19: OO Circle of presentation. We invite the participants to bring something to eat, something to share for dinner.
– 10:00 am Beginning day: BATTESSIMO AZTECO
– 12:30 am Break lunch preparation.
– 1:00 pm Sharing lunch and tasting Mexican food.
– 3.00 pm The drum between past and present, experiences of sound and movement and preparation of the night ceremony
from 20:30 Welcome to the circle
9.00pm (until about 4am) Night vigil. The participants in the vigil will be asked for FLOWERS and a candle for the altar, for a better organization with the FLOWERS we will agree with a florist in the country
* Bookings required on Friday and Saturday

10:00 am Exit to dance step in the village and sacred dance club Azteca: everyone can participate. The dancers are invited to wear white clothes, a bandana and a belt, both in red, or wear ethnic clothes; they can also carry hand drums and rattles
Around 1:00 pm lunch sharing food
17:00 hours Closing of the circle
For the participants who stay in the evening, a pizza dinner will be held together

For both Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday lunch, participants are invited to bring something to EAT IN SHARING, fruit and water to drink.

* FREE EVENT (Free offer)

**** To have a bed at the Court the cost is 23 euros with breakfast, booking at: +039 049 5807277 – Lucia

Many hugs towards the joyous spring!

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