Vicenza and Verona
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Vicenza and Verona

Vicenza is the city of the architect Andrea Palladio: palaces, villas, the Teatro Olimpico and the Villa La Rotonda are some of the artistic wonders of a city which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The surroundings, aside from being the display of the genius mind of one of the greatest Italian architects, Andrea Palladio, also offers to tourists an enormous deal of opportunities to discover art, history and tradition of this place.

If you love somebody, take him to Verona… because Verona is the city of love!

Shakespeare knew that, which is why the tragic events of Romeo and Juliet, the most famous and appreciated love history of all times, take place here.

The two lovers’ spots, the house of Juliet with the famous balcony, her grave and Romeo’s house are among the must-see stop-overs for those visiting the city.

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