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Hotel La Corte
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This simple and welcoming Hotel offers a Bed-and-Breakfast service, with the possibility to have lunch and dinner in an affiliated restaurant in the close proximity.

Also inside it you can find: SHIATSU TREATMENTS, MASSAGES, and the advice of an operator BIONATUROPATA expert in CHIROPRATICA and ACUPRESSION.

The Hotel has a lift and offers a bar service, TV room, reading room with a rich library and a wide and relaxing garden.
In case of damage to the building or to objects, you will be required to pay 20,00 € (in cash) in addition to the price of the stay.
Pets are welcome!
Daily price € 8.50 (excluding food). Please inform us in advance.
Any damage caused will be charged separately.
Customers can  arrive at the Hotel by bus from Padua or Piove di Sacco or by train (Venice-Adria line, bicycles transport is allowed).
This railway line is a comfortable way to easily and safely reach Venice. It is therefore recommended to families.

The Hotel organizes guided bike tours to the nearby lagoon or through the Benedictine Courts of Pegolotte, Cona, and Correzzola, in order to discover the signs left by the Benedictine Monks.